16 04, 2020

AWS Lake Formation: Build a secure Data Lake fast

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  AWS Lake Formation is a service by Amazon that simplifies the building, securing and managing of Data Lakes, speeding up the process from months to just weeks. A Data Lake is a centralized repo

19 09, 2019

New Internships at

By |2019-09-19T13:25:43+00:00September 19th, 2019|Categories: Amazon, Data Engineering, Data Lakes and Analytics on AWS, devops, stage, stage opdracht| transforms your data investments in actionable business results. We are partnering with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and cover Belgium and Luxembourg. We have expertise ranging from s

20 06, 2019

VEB: Project Terra

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Lowering the energy cost at the Flemish Government Vlaams Energie Bedrijf (VEB)’s mission is to supply energy to entities under control of the Flemish government and guide these agencies towards

8 11, 2018

10 proven steps to become a data engineer

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A Data Engineer conceives, builds and maintains the data infrastructure that holds your enterprise's BI and Advanced Analytics capacities together. These are the capacities that allow your enterprise